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Laser Cutting & Engraving

DigiPrint & Copy | Laser Cutting & Engraving

Our Laser Cutting & Engraving specifications are as follows:

  • The maximum size of artwork canvas is 600 x 1000mm, allow an inner margin of 15mm all around.
  • Artwork to be supplied in RGB colour format.
  • To Indicate ENGRAVING use a BLACK FILL with a colour breakdown of R 0, G 0, B 0.
  • To indicate CUTTING use a RED STROKE of 0.001pt size with a colour breakdown of R 255, G 0, B 0.
  • Supply artwork as Adobe Illustrator file or VECTOR PDF.
  • Any item that is cut should not have any areas smaller than 2mm thick.
  • Convert all fonts to paths and supply as filled or as stroke depending on whether it is to be engraved or cut.
  • Should you wish to cut out text make sure all font/text is connected or linked in one continuous shape if this the outcome you wish to have. When cutting out letters like ‘o’, ‘a’ and ‘d’ etc, stencil the inside ‘islands’ of the lettering so these don’t fall away once the letters outline is cut out. The dots of ‘i’s and ‘j’s etc will be cut off or lost unless connected to the body/main text cut out.
  • The more detailed the cutting and larger the engraving area is the longer the item will take to produce and the higher the cost.
  • Materials that we are able to cut and engrave include paper, cardboard, wood, perspex, foam, leather, felt, cork, stencil material.
  • The material we can engrave only: glass & anodized aluminium (already cut to size or shape required).
  • The material we are unable to cut or engrave: metals.

Should you require our graphic design services to prepare your laser cutting and engraving artwork to these specifications, please contact us, we are happy to help!